Heart Disease.

It’s true. The complications that may be caused by snoring and poor quality sleep are serious. And one in every five adults in America suffers from snoring, poor quality sleep and obstructive sleep apnea.
Snoring?<br/> Sleeping Poorly?<br/> Tired All the Time? The Root Cause | An Obstructed Airway

Sleeping Poorly?
Tired All the Time?

Sleep breathing disorders are serious business. Advanced Airway Solutions has the treatment option you’ve been looking for—with no surgery or downtime.

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We are so confident that SleepLase™ will improve your sleep that we'll give you the initial airway scans and overnight sleep test free of charge.
"I have visited six different dentists and doctors about my snoring and sleep. I was referred by other doctors to these specialists. Not one of them could help me. I found Dr Bittner through the Desert Sun. She saved my life, stopped my snoring and gave me back my sleep."
- Patient, Gene T.
"Dr. Bittner's solution for treating snoring and obstructive sleep apnea is groundbreaking, for both patients and doctors. There is simply nothing else like this for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea sufferers."
- Dr. Ronald Himelman M.D. Cardiologist
"For the last twenty years I have be asking my doctor to give me something to enable me to get a good nights sleep. He told me to meditate. I saw an ad on TV and decided to give my sleep problems one more try. From my first treatment I noticed I was sleeping much better and waking up calm rather than nervous in the morning. Besides sleeping much better, I liked the professional and personal care I received from Dr. Bittner."
- Patient, John M.

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